Sneak Pictures of the new GTI

By Zodwa Mayisela    27-Apr-2013 13:15 UTC+02:00

indexVolkwagen has publicized their seventh generation GTI by releasing its photos for fans to indulge themselves on. The company is creating hype on the new GTI so that people cannot wait for it’s arrival especially in South Africa.

Volkwagen hopes that fans can respond positively to the new car through increasing their income figures enormously. However for South Africans Volkwagen has not announced any prices yet until further notice so if you were hoping to get it soon, I guess you’ll have to wait a little longer for it. Although, this will not in any case discourage buyers from anticipating for its arrival, it is expected to to cost a bit more than the last model, when it does finally arrive. In Germany prices will start at €28 350 (about R328 000).

The new GTI is geared up with the latest version of VMW’s 2-litre TSI turbo petrol, which is offered in two states of tune. imagesThe first one will be available in SA – it is expected to reach approximately 350NM. The second is almost enough for 169KW – however with the same torque output and it goes from 0-100 in 6,4s and reaches the 250Km/h mark, which is a very impressive speed.

Both these versions were fitted with the EA888 engine which received a newly developed cylinder head and wader-cooler exhaust gas circulation loop to the turbocharger, which is fully integrated into the cylinder head.

The Golf 7 GTi proves to be a very good car that’s a little bit faster than the last model, which seemed to have some success in its arrival. This one is supposedly required to reach about 65 000 customers as soon as it arrives in South Africa because that is where most Volkwagens fans are based.

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