What’s A Boston

By Mvusi Ngubane    23-Apr-2013 17:05 UTC+02:00 1

Now that the hype has died down a tad, and the TV channels at our workplaces have been set back to MTV instead of CNN, the Boston Bombing incident appears to be, at least to South Africans, “old news”

Don’t get me wrong; this piece is in no way intended to diminish the atrocities committed by the Tsarnaev brothers. There is something extremely sinister about maiming exhausted runners, three lives were lost as a result of the bombing and for these reasons, the American people have a right to be upset and deserve answers.

However, back home, many South Africans feel as if the whole thing has had its go at their public interests and has outlived its expected flare; spilling over into this week and all. South Africans have a thing for selective interest in world affairs.

What rocked the world last last week, will receive a brief acknowledgement this week, and by next week, young Gert in the Northern Cape won’t remember what a “Boston” is. I, myself, seem to vaguely remember an incident about a disabled Olympic gold-medalist killing some girl for using the disabled restroom. (The disabled get quite upset about that.) Such is the nature of news.

Ignorance is bliss. “Anyone seen the rugga this weekend?”


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