The ANC Reckons that there is a Malema and Madonsela Coalition

By Oliver Ngwenya    28-Aug-2014 01:42 UTC+02:00 8
ANC Secretary General Believes Malema and Madonsela May be Working Together. Image: TimesLive

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe believes Malema and Madonsela may be working together. Image: Times Live.

The African a National Congress has come out fighting from the two major political shake ups from last week, accusing the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela and Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema of working together against the democratically elected president, Jacob Zuma. The call was made by the Secretary General of the ANC, Gwede Mantashe on Thursday, saying that the timing of the ‘leaking’ to the media of Madonsela’s letter to the media to come out at the same time as the fracas caused by the EFF members of parliament when they shouted for the President to ‘pay back the money’ in parliament last week was questionable.

Things came to a head last week when, while attempting to answer Malema’s questions in parliament, President Zuma could not be specific about when he would repay the money as per the recommendations of the Public Protector. In her report called ‘Secure in Comfort’, Thuli Madonsela concluded after her investigation that the President and his family had benefitted in an improper way from the state when, in addition to the security upgrades to their Nkandla home, some additions were also built. There was a swimming pool, kraal and a visitors’ residence that was also added.

Madonsela made a recommendation that the President should repay part of the R246 million to the state. In his response to parliament, Jacob Zuma said that he had instructed the Police Minister Nathi Nhleko to investigate how much if any, he had to repay to the State. This is what riled the leader of South Africa’s newest opposition, Malema, who demanded that the President be more specific and tell the House the specific date when he would make the payment to the State. This then deteriorated into a shouting contest between the two, with the EFF members of parliament ending up shouting ‘ pay back the money’, which resulted in the plenary session being adjourned. As if that was not enough for the President, a few days later, the press published a letter that the Public Protector had written to the President. In the strongly worded seven page letter, Madonsela demanded the same answer as the EFF, when he would pay back the money. In addition, the Public Protector demanded that the President respond to her letter within two weeks.

In his accusation, Mantashe said that there was evidence that Malema and Madonsela were working together to discredit the ANC and the President of the Republic. He added that the country’s top advocate, just like Malema, was undermining the powers of the House of Assembly when she said that Zuma had not responded to the Nkandla report when parliament had not yet made that determination.


  1. JohanSchoeman03 says:

    Things must be getting very desperate if Gwede and the Zuma cabal now claim a conspiracy between Ms. Madonsela and the EFF. Just how stupid do these people think we are? Looks and sounds like the last twitches of a dying corpse.

  2. Miyani says:

    Unbelievable the lengths they will go to avoid doing the right thing and recall him. A real leader would have said,”what is all this, I want to see the plans and the costs , then no ! no ! ngeke ukusaphaza imali ! (do not waste money) I cannot abide that – the people come first . “but he turned a blind eye, claims ignorance and thinks it is his right – not a leader at all

  3. coachbrad says:

    haha, what a circus this anc has become – lmao

  4. matlhodi says:

    he has to pay the money

  5. Marc says:

    ANC showing their true colours now. Does anyone still wonder whether the ANC would be able to accept losing a national election and hand over power to another political party?? This is what happens when politicians think that being in power is their right and that they are no longer accountable to the citizens of the country. Political power is just a vehicle for them to enrich themselves and maintain the status quo. How much leading of South Africa has the ANC actually done this year? It seems all their time is taken up fighting to protect no. 1. To all those who voted for the ANC for another 5 years, well done, now dont complain you got what you asked for.

  6. kobus says:

    The ANC and Zuma knows that they are being cornered and the noise of truth is drawing tighter. They manifest that they are fighting for thd poorest of the poor by corruption and enriching themselves. The actual fact is the reverse as they are taking away even the breadcrums from the poor.

  7. Mike Watkins says:

    given the ANC’s coalition of incompetence with the SACP and COSATU, and the SACP’s requirement for a puppet in the presidency, rather than a true leader of a democratic South Africa, this sounds like Marxist paranoia, from someone who has switched allegiance from the real ANC and joined the politburo of the SACP, because he knows under Communist mastery, he might also get a Summer palace, with a heated swimming pool.

  8. Mike Watkins says:

    I see elsewhere that the hypocrits of the CANCer, led by comrade Duarte, wouuld like to see Madonsela do her job properly, she did, snd the CANCer ignored it. What the nation would also like to see is the Dumby doing his job properly, instead of wasting his time waving his Assegaai at his Nguni cows, at the nation’s expense and especially to the disadvantage of the poorerst sectors in SA, who are supposed to be the CANCer’s constituency? But I suppose for an ignorant crook, the need for education of the youth is beyond his comprehension, and just diverts money from his overseas bank accounts, so what’s the point? The Dumby cavorts for his worshippers and gives a vacant grin, which clearly announces,”there are no brain cells at home here.”

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