Apple dominates the mobile industry

By The Editor    07-Aug-2012 18:26 UTC+02:00

Recent analyses reveal that Apple® dominates the mobile industry in terms of revenue. According to a report from All Things D, Apple® took 77 percent of the profits in the smartphone industry in the second quarter of this year.

This was unexpected as Apple® accounted for only six percent of the smartphone and tablet shipments in the quarter. Also, Samsung is reported to have shipped twice as many devices as Apple®.

Tavis McCourt, a Raymond James analyst, said,”Profitability is vital to the company because having more money means it can afford to keep itself step ahead of the competition.”

The report says, “While Samsung outselling the iPhone two to one is a nice milestone and, no doubt, a point of pride for the Korean company, it’s not the financial victory that it might first appear to be. Samsung might be the mobile industry’s king, but Apple still rules overall in the most important metric of all: Profit.”

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