iPhone 5 arrives in South Africa

By Guest Author    14-Dec-2012 13:48 UTC+02:00 1

iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 has finally arrived on the shelves of South African iStores. The popularity of this phone is evident from its sales in other countries and the long queues of customers that were seen outside iStores in South Africa after it arrived on Friday.

The iPhone 5 was launched in September this year. According to Forbes, Apple said there was more demand than supply, with 2 million phones sold within the first 24 hours after Apple started taking pre-orders. Three days after its launch, a whopping 5 million phones had been sold.

The South African prices of the three variants of the iPhone 5 are as follows:

  • 16GB – R8299
  • 32GB – R9499
  • 64GB – R10799

According to photos from the internet, this is how the Samsung Galaxy S4 may look like.

Meanwhile it is rumoured that Samsung will be launching their Galaxy S4 in February 2013. Comedian Trevor Noah once said he understood why Apple sued Samsung. “The Samsung Galaxy is amazing. It makes the iPhone look like a Nokia”, he said. Nonetheless, he may have been paid to say that so it shouldn’t change your mind about buying the iPhone.

However, if you are unsure whether to buy the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4 it may be wise to wait until February next year. I hate buying a phone and then discovering that it has less features than another one, which is more affordable than the one I bought. So, I think I’ll wait until next year so that I get a chance to compare the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 before deciding which one to buy.


  1. Mo says:

    The value of a phone depreciates very fast. I don think i’ll ever buy a phone worth more than R1000. Buying a phone for R10 000 is a waste.

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