Ukhozi FM DJs Tshatha Ngobe and Zim Dollar Biyela Accused of Accepting Payola

By Staff Writer    19-Aug-2019 13:52 UTC+02:00 1

Popular Ukhozi FM deejays Khathide ‘Tshatha’ Ngobe and Zimiphi ‘Zim Dollar’ Biyela, who host the maskandi show Sigiya Ngengoma on Saturdays, have been accused of accepting bribes from musicians in exchange for playing their music and securing them interviews on Mzansi’s largest radio station. These accusations were made by an unknown Facebook user, posting as the page called “Maskandi News”. The user claimed that ‘Zim Dollar’ and ‘Tshatha’ charge maskandi artists R5000 and R10000 respectively in exchange for airplay and interviews.

A screenshot of the Facebook post in which Tshatha and Zim Dollar were accused of taking bribes from Maskandi artists in exchange for playing their music.

Ngobe, who was clearly fuming, vehemently rubbished these allegations. He told the Facebook user who posted them that he made enough money and did not need to take bribes. “Perhaps the money I make per month can support you for three years. I don’t know what I would do with these R10 000s you are talking about. They wouldn’t buy even two tyres of the cars I drive.” He then dared his accuser to approach the station’s management and report the matter instead of besmirching him and his colleague on Facebook.

Ngobe’s response to the post accusing him and his Sigiya Ngengoma co-host Zim Dollar of taking payola.

Later on, the original post which sparked the fracas was either hidden or removed from Facebook. At the time of this writing, it was no longer accessible. A number of SABC staff members have been accused of taking bribes from musicians in the past. In 2012, Vukani Masinga, popularly known as Daddy, was fired from Ukhozi FM after admitting to accepting payola.


  1. Vumani Mkhize says:

    Wase ezenza inkinga ke nokho uTshatha. Angisho ukuthi kuyiqiniso ukuthi uyagwazisa kodwa u-R10000 yimali leyo.

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