Economic freedom fighters’ statement in solidarity with the continuing numsa strike

By Thandi    10-Sep-2013 00:27 UTC+02:00 2

Press Release

Economic freedom fighters’ statement in solidarity with the continuing numsa strike action in the automotive retail sector

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa finished their strike action last Friday in one sector and will be taking another big strike action in another. The Economic Freedom Fighters supports the strike action of the 70,000 members in the automotive retail sector who have from today downed their tools after a failure of employers to come to the table.

Employers, represented in the main by the Fuel Retailers Association and the Retail Motor Industry Organisation are offering 5.6%. Whilst NUMSA has demanded a R30 an hour pay increase in all sectors by 2016 for workers earning more than R6,000, a night-shift allowance of 20%, and an afternoon shift allowance of 15%. EFF fully supports these demands, particularly in light of the rising standards of living in South Africa. This is a progressive demand in realisation of a living wage for workers in the sector.

EFF further encourages the rest of the sector’s 300,000 workers, most of whom are unorganised, to join in on the picket lines in one voice and demand a better wage for their labour. EFF members in Cape Town and Johannesburg are also called upon to join in the demonstrations with the workers, in full EFF regalia, to demonstrate our full endorsement of their demands and strike action.


Contact Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, EFF National Spokesperson – 0731333012


  1. Ayanda says:

    E.F.F as a party that claims to fight for better economic Does the economist of that party understand the downfall of a country that is leaden by ppl who do things to win their own power than tho build the state ? More strikes less profits what’s next job loss , will u ppl create jobs for those ppl you sapport to strike? fuel price kicking the roof will u bring oil price down coz of strikes no DNT fight ZUMA & ANC fight South African Economy, inflection & Corruption then u can call ya selfs Economic Freedom Fighters

  2. Ndou thabelo says:

    Eff is a principle movement that at this stage fight for the living wage in the south african bigest souce of economical center,forwad with movement.

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